The 2nd MKC Online Course: Resilient City

According the World Bank, a resilient city is one that is prepared for existing and future impacts, thereby limiting their magnitude and severity. Resilient cities reduce vulnerability to extreme events and respond creatively to economic, social and environmental changes in order to increase their long-term sustainability.

It has been acknowledged that several factors will enable cities to become more resilient and motivate them on planning resilient cities.

These include strong political leadership and will, development of dedicated institutional setup, sustainability of institutional capacities and resources at local level, building multi-stakeholder partnership, ensure community participation, constructing or enhancing hazard mitigating infrastructure suit to local context, and establishment of education and awareness programs.

Furthermore, it was also identified the importance of strong supportive policies and sufficient financial commitments from the national governments.

International agencies can also play a supportive role in building partnerships and enhancing momentum for disaster risk reduction activities and sharing ideas on best practices.

The 2nd MKC Online Course will discuss on the main topic of Resilient City. This course will be held within 3 week-ends featuring selected resource persons with different expertises and nationalities. All of them happens to be women which are widely argued to be the most resilient agent of change in many best case studies around the globe.

Find the full list of programme below:

Online Course MKC: Resilient City

Course 1

Saturday, 1 August 2020
• 🇯🇵 Junko Ohta (IGES) – SDGs: Concept, Goal, or Dream
• 🇮🇩 dr. Tengku Kemala Intan (USU) – Education for Sustainable Development
• 🇮🇩 Yulianti Muthmainnah (ITB-AD Jakarta) – Equal City

Sunday, 2 August 2020
• 🇯🇵 Kaneko Airi (Shinryo Coorp.) – Recycling Societ
• 🇮🇩 Anna Morinda (DPRD Metro) – Waste and Community
• 🇮🇩 Armawati Chaniago (Bank Sampah Sicanang) – Community Waste Management

— — —

Course 2

Saturday, 8 August 2020
• 🇮🇩 Lea Alfonsina Weyasu (Sa Papua Foundation) – Development for All
• 🇻🇳 Phuong Thao Nguyen (Turner) – Green Masterplanning
• 🇮🇩 Ai Siti Munawaroh (UBL) – Renewable Materials

Sunday, 9 August 2020
• 🇮🇩 Cipta Vidyana (IALI) – Urban Farming
• 🇧🇷 Larissa Alem (Institute of Law, Creative Economy and Arts) – Challenges to Environmental Law Enforcement
• 🇮🇩 Handi Mulyaningsih (UNILA) – Politics for New Generation

— — —

Course 3

Saturday, 15 August 2020
• 🇮🇩 Dr. Citra Persada (UNILA) – Sustainable Urban Infrastructure
• 🇹🇭 Prof. Pawinee Iamtrakul (Thammasat University) – Smart Urban Mobility
• 🇮🇩 Siswanti Zuraida (ITSB) – Housing for All

Sunday, 16 August 2020
• 🇮🇩 dr. Marinda Asiah Nuril Haya (Mie University) – Selp Care and Community Selp Help
• 🇮🇩 Aulia Rahma (MKC) – Social Care
• 🇹🇭 Veerasuda Sriratanasomboon (APU) – Eco-movement by the Youth

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